About Us
  About Us
  Taiwan Gender Equity Education Association (TGEEA) was founded in 2002. Our members are teachers at all levels, graduate students and supporters who are interested in and dedicated to gender equity education. As an NGO/NPO, TGEEA is aimed at watching government policies, promoting related issues and developing all kinds of networks.

  What We Do
  (1) To set up a network to support our members;
(2) To offer training courses to all-level teachers and interested groups;
(3) To develop teaching materials/pedagogy/research on gender equity education;
(4) To build up local and international networks to exchange experiences on gender equity education.
(5) To watch government policies and react to social events.

  Our Services
(1) In-job training courses, lectures and workshops on gender equity education and related issues such as gender mainstreaming;
(2) Consulting services on Gender Equity Education Law, especially cases related to Sexual Harassment and Discrimination on campus;
(3) Other issues related to gender equality or human rights.

  Our Experiences in International Networking
  TGEEA has been working hard to build up an international network, including visit trips to Sweden in 2003 and Canada in 2005, participation in the 28th Triennial Conference of IFUW (International Federation of University Women) at Perth Australia in 2004 and the 30th Triennial Conference of IFUW at Mexico in 2010, and participation in the 10th Congress on Women’s Worlds 2008 in Madrid, Spain in 2008 and in 11th Congress on Women’s Worlds 2011 in Ottawa , Canada in 2011.

Over the years, TGEEA has also invited a lot of international educators in gender equity education to Taiwan to share their experiences, such as Mr. Erik Centerwall, an sex educator from RFSU, Sweden; Professor Kathleen Gallagher and Professor Caroline Fusco from University of Toronto, Canada; teachers from Sweden Women’s Folk High School (KvinnofolkhÖgskolan); and professors from Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd).

  How to Contact Us
  Office Hours : 10:00~18:00, Monday~Friday
Website : www.tgeea.org.tw
Email: tgeea.y2002@msa.hinet.net
Tel: +886-2-23638841、23621323
Fax: +886-2-23698234
Address : 2F, No. 7, Lane 56, Hsin-Sheng S. Road, Sec. 3, Taipei, Taiwan 106
Taiwan Gender Equity Education Association
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  Taiwan Gender Equity Education Association
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