CSE IN ASIA:亞洲全面性教育國際論壇暨台灣性教育現況檢視報告記者會CSE in Asia: TGEEA 2023 International Forum

TGEEA 2023
International Forum


Why attend?

Explore CSE experience in Asia

The forum will include nine fascinating speeches from Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines and Taiwan, as well as a special unveiling of TGEEA’s newly-published report on the Implementation of CSE in Taiwanese Elementary Schools. Join this event to learn more about the state of CSE across Asia.

* CSE refers to Comprehensive Sexuality Education.





Session 1
Chuang, Shu-Ching

Supervisor, Taiwan Gender Equity Education Association

Chuang, Shu-Ching holds a Master’s degree in Gender Equity Education from National Kaohsiung Normal University. Her thesis topic was “An Exploration of High School Teachers’ Handling of Adolescent Pregnancy Incidents.” She has served as a member of the Gender Equity Education Commission under the Ministry of Education and as a local gender equity committee member in various counties and cities. In these roles, she has been involved in planning and overseeing the implementation of gender equity education policies. She is also a supervisor of the Taiwan Women’s Sports Association.

Session 2
Yang, Chia-Ling

Director, Taiwan Gender Equity Education Association

PhD of Sociology, Lund University, Sweden. Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Gender Education, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan. The first Secretary General of Taiwan Gender Equity Education Association (2002-2003). Research areas: women in civil society, gender equity education.


Session 3
Wu, Cheng-Ting

Chairperson, Taiwan Gender Equity Education Association

Wu, Cheng-Ting is the Chairperson of TGEEA. He previously served as the Vice Chairperson and lecturer of TGEEA. He pursued doctoral studies at the Women’s and Gender Studies Center at the University of British Columbia in Canada, supported by a scholarship from the Ministry of Education under the “Gender Studies” category. Since joining TGEEA in 2003, Wu has been dedicated to promoting gender equity education. This includes participating in overseas visits, curriculum development, and giving lectures on gender equity education. Wu is qualified as an investigator of campus sexual assault, sexual harassment, and bullying incidents, and is included in the Ministry of Education’s “Gender Equity Teacher Talent Pool.” He has served as a consultant on gender equity education issues for the Curriculum and Instruction Advisory Group on National Elementary and Junior High Schools under the Ministry of Education. Currently, Wu serves as a member of the 10th Gender Equity Education Commission under the Ministry of Education.



橋本恭子 hashimoto kyoko


Part-time Lecturer, Japan College of Social Work

Kyoko Hashimoto is a Ph.D. graduate from the Graduate School of Language and Society at Hitotsubashi University and holds a master’s degree from the Institute of Chinese Studies at National Tsing Hua University. She has served as a lecturer at Japan College of Social Work, Tsuda University, Toyo University, Komazawa University, and Yokohama Soei University. Her published works include “Glamorous Island Literature and Its Era: A Comparative Study of the Taiwanese Experience of the Comparative Literature Scholar Jinji Shimada,” “The Localism of Japanese People in Taiwan: The Goals of Jinji Shimada and Mitsuru Nishikawa,” “Mainline and Branchline from the Center to the Periphery: Research on the Japanese Empire and Taiwanese Literature and Culture,” “Jinji Shimada: The Experience and Interpretation of Glamorous Island Literature,” and others (temporary translations of the book titles).


Master's Degree Student, Human Rights and Peace Institute, Mahidol University

Nattanicha Lekkla received her bachelor’s degree in political science (international affair) from Thammasat University and her master’s degree in human rights and peace from Mahidol University. Her thesis topic is “Sexuality and Gender Diversity Rights in Thai Textbooks Case Study Editing Sexuality Education Content in The Textbooks of Health Education and Physical Education Core Curriculum A.D. 2008 (Revised Version A.D.2019)”. She received her fellowship YSEALI (Civic Engagement, LGBT rights project) from the United State government at University of Nebraska Omaha in 2022. She participated in the academic conference and published several articles on gender and sexuality rights.


Secretary-General, Taiwan Gender Equity Education Association

Hang, Yi-Chen holds a Master’s degree from the Graduate Institute of Law and Interdisciplinary Studies at National Chengchi University and a Bachelor’s degree in Drama and Theatre as well as Social Work from National Taiwan University. Her research interests include law and society, LGBTQ+ movements and its counter-movements. Since 2021, she has been serving as the Secretary-General of the Taiwan Gender Equity Education Association, responsible for administrative coordination, policy advocacy, and international exchange work.


Education and PromotionOfficer, Taiwan Gender Equity Education Association

Yao, Huei-Yao is a doctoral student majoring in history at National Taiwan University, and received a master’s degree in the Institute of Taiwan History at National Taiwan Normal University. His research interests are the history of sexuality and gender in Taiwan. Topics include the history of the sex industry, homosexuality, and masculinities. He currently works as the education promotion officer in the Taiwan Gender Equality Education Association, responsible for promoting affective education; and serves as an executive director of the Taiwan Sex Industry and Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy Association, focusing on the sex workers’human  rights.


Professor, Graduate Institute of Gender Education, National Kaohsiung Normal University

You, Mei-Hui’s expertise include gender sociology, gender education, multicultural education, and gender mainstreaming. She has been actively involved in both grassroots and institutional gender equality movements. She has a deep understanding and observation of the progress and current situation of gender equality in Taiwan, and is also involved in various aspects such as policy advocacy, education, and social awareness. You, Mei-Hui currently serves as a director of the Kaohsiung Association for the Promotion of Women’s Rights (KAPWR).


Gender & Advocacy Specialist, Civic Dialogue Department, The Garden of Hope Foundation

Lau, Shi-Lin graduated from the Gender Education Institute at National Kaohsiung Normal University. She has been working in The Garden of Hope Foundation since 2019. Her main work include: gender advocacy and social communication, collaboration with civil society organizations to supervise central policies, implementation of gender-related projects, and conduction of educational activities to promote social awareness of gender equality.


Gender & Advocacy Specialist, Miaoli Branch, The Garden of Hope Foundation

Lai, Yun-Hua graduated from the Department of Sociology at Soochow University. She has been working in The Garden of Hope Foundation since 2015. Her main responsibilities include collaborating with county and city government agencies on gender-related projects, conducting community gender public education, promoting gender equality education in schools, and participating in local gender equality advocacy activities.


Associate Professor, Saitama University

Daisuke Watanabe has a Ph.D. in pedagogy from Tokyo Metropolitan University, and is currently an Associate Professor at the Center for Research in General Education of Saitama University. He specializes in curriculum research on Comprehensive Sexuality Education, including LGBTQ+ issues. His publications include “Practice of Comprehensive Sexuality Education”, “Learning with Manga Worksheets about Diversity of Sexuality and Life”, “What is Diversity of Sexuality?”, and UNESCO’s “International technical guidance on sexuality education (Revised edition)” (Japanese co-translator).

Sounth Korea

Team Leader, Everybody Pleasure Lab Team, SHARE (the center for Sexual rigHts And Reproductive JusticE)

Youngjung Na is a queer activist working on sexual rights and reproductive justice, the right to found a family, HIV/AIDS issues, minority refugee issues, and chemsex issues.


SOGIE & Training Officer, University of the Philippines Diliman Gender Office

Gio Potes is a filmmaker, dramaturg, researcher, writer and occasional actor from the University of the Philippines Diliman. A graduate of the UP Film Institute, he is active in campus theater particularly with The UP Repertory Company and the UP Laboratory Theater, and for his short films that focus on narratives about the LGBTQIA++ community. Since 2019, he has been active in SOGIESC mainstreaming in the University of the Philippines Diliman, and its network entities within the public and private sectors. Alternating with creative works, Gio conducts workshops on various aspects of theater, and also seminars and trainings on Filipino women, gender equality and SOGIE. He is currently working in the University of the Philippines Diliman Gender Office as a SOGIE & Training Officer and is pursuing his Master’s degree at the Department of Women and Development Studies in UP Diliman. He is also currently the Artistic Director of the UP Repertory Company.

Hong Kong

Associate Professor, Department of Special Education and Counselling, The Education University of Hong Kong/Chair, Sexuality For All Hong Kong

Diana Kwok is Associate Professor of the Department of Special Education and Counselling. She is a social worker, approved counseling supervisor, and an expressive arts therapist. Diana used to work in school, family, mental health, and LGBTQIA+ social service settings, in Hong Kong, and in the U.S.. Her research focuses on sexual/transgender prejudice, life experiences of sexual and gender diverse individuals, rights-based sexuality education, and cultural competence of professionals. Diana provides professional training and clinical supervision to mental health practitioners on sexual and gender diversity in Hong Kong and Asian cities. The research results were published in international journals including Journal of Social Work Education, Journal of LGBT Youth, Sex Education, International Review of Psychiatry, Children and Youth Services Review etc..


Simultaneous interpretation in Chinese and English provided









Hashimoto Kyoko (Japan)

Topic: The Relationship Between Gender Equality and Sexuality Education: A Case Study of the Tama Area in Tokyo, Japan.



Nattanicha Lekkla (Thailand)

Topic: Conciliation Between Gender and Sexuality Diversity Rights and Thai Nationalism in the Change of Sexuality Education Textbooks Version 2019



Yao, Huei-Yao (Taiwan)

Topic: The History of Sexuality Education in Taiwan and Its Debates



Hang, Yi-Chen (Taiwan)

Topic: How to Implement Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Taiwanese Elementary Schools







You, Mei-Hui (Taiwan)

Topic: The Development of Curriculum in Comprehensive Sexuality Education for High School Students in Taiwan



Lau, Shi-Lin (Taiwan) & Lai, Yun-Hua (Taiwan)

Topic: The Learning Status of Junior High School Students in Sexuality Education after the Implementation of the Twelve-Year Curriculum: A Case Study of Taichung and Miaoli



Daisuke Watanabe (Japan)

Topic: Issues of Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Gender/Sexual Diversity Education in Japan







Tari, Youngjung Na (South Korea)

Topic: Toward Pleasure-Centered Sex Education for the Vulnerable: How to Work Against Stigmatization and Criminalization



Gio Potes (Philippines)

Topic: SOGIE-fied Education and Development: Experiences and Impacts of SOGIESC Mainstreaming in the University of the Philippines Diliman



Diana Kwok (Hong Kong)

Topic: Training Educators in Contesting Transgender Prejudice: Use of Expressive Arts Strategies



CSE in Asia: TGEEA 2023 International Forum

Time: October 27, 2023 (Friday), 9:00-17:00
Location: Howard Civil Service International House (No. 30, Section 3, Xinsheng South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City)

*Simultaneous interpretation in Chinese and English will be provided at this forum.


Registration will be closed on October 15, 2023.